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Device Modules

The device modules provide access to the kernel device drivers for various peripherals available on the Raspberry Pi.

Access to some selected individual componenents is provided by the HiPi::Interface::* modules which provide a higher level interface to the appropriate HiPi::Device::* module

For example, the MCP23017 chip is a popular port extender that can be used with the Raspberry Pi to give access to 16 further GPIO pins through an i2c connection.

The module HiPi::Interface::MCP23017 provides a high level interface and uses HiPi::Device::I2C internally to communicate with the chip over the i2c bus

If you have a component for which there is no HiPi::Interface module you can use the appropriate HiPi:Device::* module directly.

It would be great if you wrapped your resulting code in a HiPi::Interface::* module and contributed the result to this distribution or directly to CPAN yourself.

The following five HiPi::Device modules are provided.

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