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The HiPi::Interface::DS18X20 module provides simple read access for 18S20 and 18B20 temperature sensors connected to the W1 kernel device driver for the 1 Wire bus.

It uses HiPi::Device::OneWire as a backend.

Class Methods

    Filters a call to HiPi::Device::OneWire->list_slaves()
    to return only devices in the families 10 and 28
    ( temperature sensors of the types 18S20 and 18B20 )

Object Constructor and Methods

my $tmp = HiPi::Interface::DS18X20->new( id => $uniqueid);
    Returns a new instance of the HiPi::Interface::DS18X20 class
    for the temperature device with the unique 1 Wire ID $uniqueid.

    You can optionally provide additional key => value pairs 
         correction  -  to be added to the temperature 
                        value returned from the device.
                        default = 0
         divider     -  applied as a divider to the
                        value returned by the device
                        This is useful if you want to
                        convert the raw value from
                        your device to an actual temperature
                        within this module.
                        default = 1
    my $tmp = HiPi::Interface::DS18X20->new( 
          id         => $uniqueid,
          correction => 775,
          divider    => 1000,
$tmp->correction( $newval );
    returns the value passed as 'correction' to the constructor.
    if $newval is specified, the correction value is set.
$tmp->divider( $newval );
    returns the value passed as 'divider' to the constructor.
    if $newval is specified, the divider value is set.
    returns the value read from the sensor added to the correction
    value, divided by the divider value:

    return ( $sensorval + $correction ) / $divider;
    With default values this is simply
    return ( $sensorval + 0 ) / 1;

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