Help for Edit Links screen

The Edit Links screen looks something like this:
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Edit Links

These are your personal links (like bookmarks). If you logged into WING using the portal view, the "OK" button will make changes immediately to the links that appear down the left hand side of your browser. If you are not logged in with the portal view then the "OK" button will return you to the Links screen so that you can see the effect of your changes. The Back button takes you back to the Mail messages list (if you are using the portal view) or to the Links screen (if not).

Each line entered will appear in the Links frame/screen as a "link", preceded by a bullet, a plus or a minus. The plus or minus is used to indicate lines which introduce sub-lists (those whose succeeding lines are prefixed with an additional dot character). On the Links frame/screen the plus/minus characters are hot links which expand/collapse the associated sub-list.

When typing in link lines: each line can have an optional description followed by an optional URL (don't forget the leading tag such as http://). If the line is a sub-entry in a higher-level list, prefix the line with one more dot character than the parent has. See the example above for how this looks.

A line consisting of a single "-" character produces a horizontal rule across the links frame/screen. You can also simply include raw HTML as a link by making sure the line starts with an HTML tag <...>.

Advanced users familiar with HTML may wish to know that a leading "=" can be used to start a line which is included verbatim, without even the surrounding table row/column tags. If you use this, you'll want to include table row/columns tags of your own or end and restart the table environment with </table>...<table> or else the browser may well render your HTML outside the links table.