Biblio::Citation::Parser 1.10 Documentation - Problems, Questions and Feedback

Bug Report Policy

There is currently no online bug tracking system. Known bugs are listed in the BUGLIST file in the distribution and a list will be kept on the site.

If you identify a bug or ``issue'' (issues are not bugs, but are things which could be clearer or better), and it's not already listed on the site, please let us know at - include all the information you can: what version of Biblio::Citation::Parser (see VERSION if you're not sure), what operating system etc.

Where to go with Questions and Suggestions

There is a mailing list for ParaTools (encompassing Biblio::Citation::Parser) which may be the right place to ask general questions and start discussions on broad design issues.

To subscribe send an email to containing the text

 subscribe paratools
 Biblio::Citation::Parser 1.10 Documentation - Problems, Questions and Feedback