Biblio::Citation::Parser 1.10 Documentation - How to Install Biblio::Citation::Parser


First unpack the Biblio::Citation::Parser archive:

 % tar xfvz <packagename>.tar.gz

Move into the unpacked folder, and then do the following:

 % perl Build.PL
 % ./Build

You can optionally run

 % ./Build test

which will carry out a few checks to ensure everything is working correctly.

Finally, become root and do:

 % ./Build install

This will install the modules and man pages into the correct locations.


The examples directory contains two categories of examples - parsing examples and web service examples. Note that the web service examples require the SOAP::Lite module (see Required Software for more information). To try out these samples after installation, simply cd into the directory and execute the example. More information about the examples is in the README file inside the examples directory.

 Biblio::Citation::Parser 1.10 Documentation - How to Install Biblio::Citation::Parser