Biblio::Citation::Parser 1.10 Documentation - Required Software

What software does Biblio::Citation::Parser need?

Perl Modules

URI is required for the OpenURL encoding functions in Biblio::Citation::Parser::Utils.

Used by Biblio::Citation::Parser::Citebase to allow for matching on unicode strings.

URI::OpenURL (Optional)
If you wish to create valid OpenURLs, URI::OpenURL provides a set of functions for this purpose. The metadata produced by Biblio::Citation::Parser can be used with this module.

SOAP::Lite (Optional)
This module is required if you wish to use the ParaCite web services, but optional otherwise. This requires several other modules, which are available in the soap subdirectory of

There are also some dependencies for the above modules, including MIME::Base64, HTML::TagSet, and Digest::MD5. The latest versions of these can be obtained from

Installing Perl Modules

This describes the way to install a simple perl module, some require a bit more effort. We will use the non-existent FOO module as an example.

Unpack the archive:
 % tar xfvz FOO-5.2.34.tar.gz
Enter the directory this creates:
 % cd FOO-5.2.34
Run the following commands:
 % perl ./Build.PL
 % ./Build
 % ./Build test
 % ./Build install
 Biblio::Citation::Parser 1.10 Documentation - Required Software