#!perl -T use warnings; use strict; use Test::More tests => 2; use HTML::Tidy; my $filename = 't/venus.html'; open( my $fh, '<', $filename ) or die "Can't open $filename: $!\n"; my $raw = do { local $/ = undef; <$fh> }; close $fh; my $cfg = 't/venus.cfg'; my $tidy = HTML::Tidy->new( {config_file => $cfg} ); isa_ok( $tidy, 'HTML::Tidy' ); my $cooked = $tidy->clean( $raw ); my @cooked = split( /\n/, $cooked ); chomp @cooked; my @expected = ; chomp @expected; is_deeply( \@cooked, \@expected, 'Cooked stuff looks like what we expected' ); __DATA__ Venus Flytrap for 100 Question

Wetland Plants Jeopardy

Venus Flytrap for 100

Question: What does the Venus Flytrap feed on?

Click here for the answer.

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Created for the Museums in the Classroom program sponsored by Illinois State Board of Education, the Brookfield Zoo, the Illinois State Museum., and Kildeer Countryside CCSD 96.
Authors: Twin Groves Museums in the Classroom Team,
School: Twin Groves Junior High School, Buffalo Grove, Illinois 60089
Created: 27 June 1998- Updated: 6 October 2003