19. Are there any international font packages for perl/Tk?

In principle you may specify the -font configuration option on all your Button, Entry, Label, Message, etc. widgets. In addition to the Unix programs xfontsel and xlsfonts you may find xset useful for determining and/or specifying fonts - especially international ones.

Kobayasi Hiroaki <kobayasi@sowa.is.uec.ac.jp> has converted the Tcl/Tk "japanization" by <nisinaka@sra.co.jp> so that it may be used with perl/Tk. It is presently available (the current README file is in Japanese) from:

From the author's own description:
Currently, the "japanization patch for perl/Tk" enables:

  [1] To show kanji & ASCII (by choosen kanji-font) in every widget.
  [2] To edit kanji (double width of ASCII) correctly in Text & Entry.
  [3] To support of Kanji Input method. (tkKinput.c)
  [4] Automatic kanji-code-detection & conversion with 'insert/get'.
      Supports: "JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard)", "MS-KANJI", "EUC".

& the patch lacks:

  [5] by manual Kanji-code conversion. (JIS <=> MS-KANJI <=> EUC)
  [6] 'Good' interface to specify kanji-code used in internal. (tkWStr.c)
  [7] Documentation in English about [1-6].
      # but, since interface-change is suspected in near future, 
      # documenting them is ...

I thought that[5-7] was not enough for world-people, but already worth
for natives. So I announced it on "fj.lang.perl".

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