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CGI::Application::Framework Example Application #1 -- Hello World

HTML::Template version


Authentication and Session Management

Reload Page

The 'href' link value is:

If you wait for ( timeout = ) seconds before clicking on the above link then you will be presented with a relogin authentication page before continuing. Once you successfully reauthenticate you will return to this page with all of the appropriate state information maintained. (For instance, see the "times you have loaded this page" info, below.)

Hello! This is the main output. There are a number of areas of this page which were generated by HTML::Template TMPL_VAR and TMPL_LOOP tags, which had their values populated by the .pm program that corresponds to the .pl file shown in the URL for this page.

Number of times you have loaded this page:

Variable Replacement and Looping

The current time is:

Here's a table generated by a loop:

Key Value

Stack Trace Dump


Self State Dump

Note that the state of the self contains HTML-ish tags and a representation of the HTML::Template itself. This is countered by using ESCAPE=HTML to present the content filtered by the system with all of the HTML escaped so you can see the tags.