About SatelLife

SatelLife is an international not-for-profit organization employing satellite, telephone and radio networking technology to serve the health communication and information needs of countries in the developing world.

More information is available at the SatelLife home page:


If you do not have Web access, you can still access the home page by sending a message to getweb@usa.healthnet.org with the body:

GET http://www.healthnet.org

How to use the GetWeb MailBot server

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Please note all requests are logged; we cannot guarantee that your requests will remain private.

To request a document from the World Wide Web, send a message to getweb@usa.healthnet.org with the body containing one or more requests like:

GET url

Where url is the URL of the document you request. If the message contains more than one request, separate each request with a blank line.

Here is a message which would fetch the HealthNet home page:

GET http://www.healthnet.org

After recieving the above message, the GetWeb server would format the HealthNet home page as human-readable plain-text and send it to you.

You can enclose your commands in a begin/end block, or comment out lines with '#':

This preamble will not be processed by the MailBot...
GET http://www.healthnet.org
# ...neither will this comment
...and neither will this signature.

A hotlist of URLs which we consider especially interesting is available.

Each hypertext link is represented by a number in brackets. Suppose you get a message like this from a GetWeb server:

Some important conferences carried by SatelLife include:

     * ProMED: Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases[1]
     * ProCAARE: Program for Collaboration Against AIDS[2]
     * E-Drug: Essential Drugs[3]

** References from this document **
[1] http://www.healthnet.org/programs/promed.html
[2] http://www.healthnet.org/programs/procaare.html
[3] http://www.healthnet.org/programs/edrug.html

To get more information about ProCAARE, you would look up link 2 at the bottom of the message to find out the URL is http://www.healthnet.org/programs/procaare.html. You would then send a message to the GetWeb server:

GET http://www.healthnet.org/programs/procaare.html

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