Accessing ProMED archives

To search the ProMED database, send a message to The body of the message should contain the line:

SEARCH PROMED keyword1 keyword2 ...

Where "keyword1 keyword2 ..." is a list of one or more keywords which you expect the documents you're searching for to contain.

For example, to search for articles on yellow fever in ghana, send a message:

SEARCH PROMED yellow fever ghana

You will get back a list of messages which have text matching one or more keywords:

90%  promed-mail 9612: PRO/AH/EDR> Yellow fever - Ghana[3]
78%  promed-mail 9611: Yellow fever, imported - USA from Brazil[4]



To access the message titled "Yellow fever - Ghana", look at the end of the message for an index of hypertext links and choose the link for 3. Then send another message to


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