FAQ for Contacts

Item Explanation
Adding staff You must use the Add Person tab to add a person to the database
before adding them as staff of an organization.
Adding occupations Normally, you must use the Add Organization tab to add an organization to the database
before adding an occupation for someone at that organization.
You can however always use the dummy organization '-' (without the quotes) if desired.
Likewise there is a dummy occupation, also called '-', available if required.
Deleting people
or organizations
You can either set their Visibility to no-one, so that they stay in the database
or you can click the Delete button, and remove all references to them. See also the next point.
What is this Visibility thing? Visibility is the difference between public and private contacts (when people share databases). Values:
o Everyone: Such contacts will appear in other people's search results.
o Just me: Such contacts only appear in your search results.
o No-one: These contacts do not appear in anyone's search results.
Which fields can I use autocomplete on? When entering staff, use autocomplete for Person name and Occupation title.
When entering occupations, use autocomplete for Organization name and Occupation title.
You need to type at least 2 characters to trigger the autocomplete code.
What do I do about the 'Person already on file'
error when adding a new person?
Simplest is to change their Preferred name, so that the combination of
'Preferred name + Surname' does not clash with that of the other person.
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