To cross-check a personal selection of modules which offer:

: include "fancy.table.tx" { data => $purpose };

Note: Only modules offering world-wide data have been considered, so modules such as Locale::BR are ignored.

I've just released Business::Cart::Generic, which contains country and subcountry data gleaned from osCommerce. My plan is to replace this latter data with one of the modules assessed below.


: include "basic.table.tx" { row => $module_data };

Country names

: include "fancy.table.tx" { data => $country_name_count };

Note: The number of countries modules have in common (if any) is <: $common_country_count :>, going by names of countries.

Where the count is 0, this means the module design is so poor its not worth trying to figure out how to obtain the information.

Country name mismatches

: include "basic.table.tx" { row => $country_name_mismatch };

Division name mismatches

: include "basic.table.tx" { row => $division_name_mismatch };

Note: None detected.


: include "fancy.table.tx" { data => $environment };