The XBO-Edit system allows users to set some of their default options via the Global Properties window (see Figure 15.1: Global Properies window (left side) and Figure 15.2: Global Properies window (right side)). Select the props button on the mono Control Panel or the Props item from the Window menu on the Main Color Schedules Window.

Figure 15.1. Global Properies window (left side)

a screen capture of the Global properties window (left side)

The Props Window has a set of buttons labelled, done, save, restore and default.

done Exits the window.
save Saves the modified settings.
restore Restores the last saved set-up for the data directory.
default Resets all the options to the factory defaults setting. These defaults are listed below.

Figure 15.2. Global Properies window (right side)

a screen capture of the Global properties window (right side)

Below these are buttons which represent the <F> (Function) keys on the keyboard. Each button has a label which indicates the XBO-Edit function which is executed when the keyboard function key is pressed.

Below the Function key buttons are two option-menu items for selecting some of the display objects. These are for Port Information and Flight Information. There are also options for how patterns are displayed: Draw Patterns Over Flight, Draw Slip Lines, Highlight Incomplete Patterns. Other behaviour is controlled with Auto Scrolling, Automatic UCAM Creation and Autosave Period.

To change the <F> key functions press and hold down the right mouse button in the Props Window on the <F> key button you wish to change. A menu with a list of the XBO-Edit functions is displayed. Now select the desired XBO-Edit function and release the button.

[Note] Note

You can have more than one <F> key for the same XBO-Edit function or you can select No Op for any <F> key you wish to disable. You do not need to have all the XBO-Edit functions covered by <F> keys, since they can usually be activated by some other means. Using <F> keys allows the experienced user to quickly execute some of the XBO-Edit functions.

When the Function keys are configured satisfactorily click on the save button to save the set-up as the default. This will then be used every time for that data directory.

(The XBO-Edit functions which are available via <F> keys are listed in Section 15.2, “Functions For F Keys”.)

Functions For F Keys

No Op No function is performed, i.e. key is disabled.
UCAM The UCAM window is displayed with all fields blank.
UCAS The UCAS window is displayed with all fields blank.
New Pattern This is the same as the New Pattern button on the Pattern Panel. The Pattern Header window is displayed and you may now proceed to build a new pattern.
Del Pattern This deletes the current pattern, if you confirm.
Del First The first sector is deleted from the current pattern.
Del Last The last sector is deleted from the current pattern.
Redraw The screen is redrawn.
Unzoom The screen returns to the date range which was displayed before the last zoom operation. This doesn't necessarily return you to a previously scrolled screen.

Display Options

Allows you to specify some of the information that is displayed on the screen and produced on the hardcopy outputs of XBO-Edit.

The Port Information toggle cycle allows you to select the information to be displayed next to the port codes on the left hand side of the screen. You can also elect not to show any information at all which expands by a small amount the area available on the screen for drawing the flights.

The Flight Information toggle determines the information displayed next to the beginning of each flight line on the screen. This information only appears on the colour windows, since the data is displayed in small type and would be difficult to read on the smaller monochrome window. However, the information will appear on the hardcopy outputs from XBO-Edit.

The options for these cycles are listed below.

Port Information

Nothing No information is displayed next to the port code.
UTC Offset The difference between local times and UTC or GMT times is displayed. This is using the time of the first day shown on the screen so that if daylight savings is in effect at a port for that day this will be correctly displayed.
Max Crew Slips For the flights that are being displayed, this value is the maximum number of cabin crew who should be slipping overnight at that port. This option is only available for the cabin crew version.

Flight Information

Nothing No information is displayed next to the flight.
SVC Num / Ac Type The service number and the aircraft are displayed next to the flight line for each flight which has not been preceded by a flight with the same information (i.e. 1001/747 would only be displayed once for two linked flights having the same service number and aircraft type).
SVC Num The service number is displayed in a larger typeface than that used for the SVC Num/Ac Type option.

Draw Slip Lines

Textured The lines for slips are displayed textured.
Solid Slips are displayed as solid lines

Draw Patterns Over Flight

This is a Yes/No toggle to choose whether patterns are drawn over the flights they contain.

Auto Scrolling

This is a Yes/No toggle to choose whether scrolling in the Main Color Schedules Window is automatic or not.

Highlight Incomplete Patterns

This is a Yes/No toggle to choose whether to highlight patterns which are incomplete.

Other Properties

Automatic UCAM Creation

This toggle allows XBO-Edit to automatically create Paxing UCAMs when loading patterns if a sector used by the pattern cannot be found.

[Note] Note

This does not create Operating UCAMs.

See Section 4.8, “Automatic UCAM Creation” for more information.

Autosave Period

The number of minutes in between the automatic saving of one's work. Set to zero to turn off this feature.

This slide allows you to select the time interval that you wish XBO-Edit to automatically save your work.

[Note] Note

If the slide is set to zero then the autosave is disabled and you are required to save manually.

Factory Defaults

<F> Key Defaults

F1 No Op
F2 No Op
F3 Del First
F4 New Pattern
F6 No Op
F7 Del Last
F8 Redraw
F9 Unzoom
F10 No Op
F11 No Op
F12 No Op

Display Option Defaults

For the cabin crew version:

Port Information
Max Crew Slips
Flight Information
SVC Num / AC Type
Draw Slip Lines

For the tech crew version:

Port Information
UTC Offset
Flight Information
Draw Slip Lines