Type: cmu.cs.robotics
Topic: Robotics Seminar, Prof. John Canny, Friday Oct 11, 3:30, Adamson Wing, Baker Hall Dates: 11-Oct-91
Time: 3:30
Place: Adamson Wing, Baker Hall
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***** Friendly Reminder: Robotics Seminar Today!! ***** ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Time:3:30 (Refreshments at 3:15)
Place:Adamson Wing, Baker Hall


                              John Canny
                            U.C. Berkeley

RISC in a robotics context stands for Reduced Intricacy in Sensing and Control. But it shares the same philosophy as RISC computer design. The idea is to replace complicated manipulation and sensing steps with combinations of simple ones. Industrial robotics research has focussed on anthropomorphism in the hope that once robots become sufficiently human-like, they will be able to solve all the tasks that they are currently incapable of doing. This approach is seductive and has led researchers further and further away from the real problems that hinder the proliferation of robots in manufacturing. The enthusiasm for robotics in industry which reached a peak in the mid 80's has all but disappeared after a protracted lack of progress on these problems.