ZXID IdP New User Creation

AttributeInitial ValueRequired?Sharing Default
UsernameRequiredInternal use
Password (min. 5 characters)RequiredInternal use
Reg. Source IP!!ipDetectedInternal use
Common Name Optional* Share
Org. Title Optional Share
Org. Tax Number Optional Share
Organization Optional Share
Org. Unit Optional Share
Street Address Optional* Share
Location, Zip, Country Optional* Share
Emails Optional** Share
IM / Skype Optional Share
Phone (international) (e.g. +15035470202) Optional Share
Language Preference (2 letter code, e.g. "en") Optional Share
Self tagging Optional Share
Comments or special requests (internal use)
* Required for SP registration (optional for normal users).
** You have to supply email if you ever want to use password recovery feature.

Terms and Conditions for Users

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