SVN::RaWeb::Light Help Screen

URL Translations

SVN::RaWeb::Light supports URL translations. By enabling them (either on the URL or in the script that hosts the repository), they can translate a relative path within the hosted repository to a URL. The latter is usually a URL of the Subversioned resource, which can be manipulated directly using the svn client and other clients.

CGI Parameters

Several parameters can be specified as CGI parameters on the URL location bar:

This parameter specifies the revision of the repository to browse. If unspecified, it defaults to the Subversion HEAD revision.
This is a multiple parameter. It specifies a list of user-defined URL translations. The format is the label of the translation followed by a comma followed by the URL of the translation relative to the root served by the script.
When specified to a true value (for example "1") this variable disables all the pre-defined (i.e: non-user-specified) URL translations.
When specified to a true value, hides all the translations after the files and directories in the directory contents. It does not affect the URLs at the top.