Karma - Win32 Specific Instructions


From the reports I've received, karma does indeed run under various Windows platforms. Unfortunately, up to this point, I have not had a windows box on which to do development, so there are some limitations. In particular, karmactl does not work well, as it relies on the unix fork() facility, as well as named pipes for status information, and process signals such as INT, KILL, HUP, USR1, and USR2. In addition, I have not heard reports pro or con about karmagentd, so if you find it works, email me with more info, so I can add it to this document.


I've made sufficient modifications to karmad so that it checks to see if it's running on a win32 platform. If it is, it will *NOT* try to fork. To start it do the following:

perl karmad -c karma.conf

To get help do this:

perl karmad -h

I need feedback to make it work better. If you find something could be done better, by all means email me. If you wanna send a patch to fix something, EVEN BETTER.


I'd like to have karma running with all it's features and tested for solid stability. I'd in addition like it to run in a native way, for instance as a service, the Win32 equivalent of a unix background process.

However, I'm no Win32 expert. If you like doing Perl development on Win32, and are interested in Karma, let me know. Perhaps you can help with the port and testing.