MaltParser 1.4.1

Uses of Class

Packages that use PluginLoader
org.maltparser.core.feature.system provides classes to handle the feature system. 
org.maltparser.core.plugin Provides classes for loading and initializing plugins. 

Uses of PluginLoader in org.maltparser.core.feature.system

Methods in org.maltparser.core.feature.system with parameters of type PluginLoader
 void FeatureEngine.load(PluginLoader plugins)

Uses of PluginLoader in org.maltparser.core.flow

Methods in org.maltparser.core.flow with parameters of type PluginLoader
 void FlowChartManager.load(PluginLoader plugins)

Uses of PluginLoader in org.maltparser.core.flow.system

Methods in org.maltparser.core.flow.system with parameters of type PluginLoader
 void FlowChartSystem.load(PluginLoader plugins)

Uses of PluginLoader in org.maltparser.core.plugin

Methods in org.maltparser.core.plugin that return PluginLoader
static PluginLoader PluginLoader.instance()
          Returns a reference to the single instance.

MaltParser 1.4.1

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