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Packages that use ClassifierGuide
org.maltparser.parser The top package for Single Malt Parser. Contains classes that implements the guide, which can be seen as an interface (or glue) between the parsing algorithm and the learner. Provides classes for different decision models. Provides classes for different instance models. 

Uses of ClassifierGuide in org.maltparser.parser

Fields in org.maltparser.parser declared as ClassifierGuide
protected  ClassifierGuide Algorithm.classifierGuide

Methods in org.maltparser.parser that return ClassifierGuide
 ClassifierGuide SingleMalt.getGuide()
          Returns the guide
 ClassifierGuide Algorithm.getGuide()
          Returns the classifier guide.
 ClassifierGuide DependencyParserConfig.getGuide()

Methods in org.maltparser.parser with parameters of type ClassifierGuide
 void Algorithm.setGuide(ClassifierGuide guide)
          Sets the classifier guide

Uses of ClassifierGuide in

Classes in that implement ClassifierGuide
 class SingleGuide
          The guide is used by a parsing algorithm to predict the next parser action during parsing and to add a instance to the training instance set during learning.

Methods in that return ClassifierGuide
 ClassifierGuide Model.getGuide()

Uses of ClassifierGuide in

Methods in that return ClassifierGuide
 ClassifierGuide OneDecisionModel.getGuide()
 ClassifierGuide BranchedDecisionModel.getGuide()
 ClassifierGuide SeqDecisionModel.getGuide()

Constructors in with parameters of type ClassifierGuide
BranchedDecisionModel(ClassifierGuide guide, DecisionModel parentDecisionModel, String branchedDecisionSymbol)
BranchedDecisionModel(ClassifierGuide guide, FeatureModel featureModel)
OneDecisionModel(ClassifierGuide guide, DecisionModel prevDecisionModel, String branchedDecisionSymbol)
OneDecisionModel(ClassifierGuide guide, FeatureModel featureModel)
SeqDecisionModel(ClassifierGuide guide, DecisionModel prevDecisionModel, String branchedDecisionSymbol)
SeqDecisionModel(ClassifierGuide guide, FeatureModel featureModel)

Uses of ClassifierGuide in

Methods in that return ClassifierGuide
 ClassifierGuide DecisionTreeModel.getGuide()
 ClassifierGuide AtomicModel.getGuide()
 ClassifierGuide FeatureDivideModel.getGuide()

MaltParser 1.4.1

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