Installing MaltParser

The latest version of MaltParser is available from the MaltParser download page.

Unpack the MaltParser distribution or malt-1.4.1.tar.gz by running one of the following commands:

Alternative 1

prompt> tar -zxvf malt-1.4.1.tar.gz

Alternative 2

prompt> gunzip malt-1.4.1.tar.gz
prompt> tar -xvf malt-1.4.1.tar

Alternative 3

prompt> unzip


The distribution of MaltParser contains the following files and directories:

LICENSELicense information
READMEReadme file
appdataApplication data
build.propertiesBuild properties
build.xmlAnt build script
docsUser guide and MaltParser source documentation
examplesExamples of treebank data, option files, feature specification files and examples that shows how to use MaltParser from other applications
libJar-files used by MaltParser
malt.jarMaltParser executable jar-file
srcJava source of MaltParser

Testing your installation

After installing MaltParser, you can run it to verify that it is working properly on your system. To be able to run MaltParser you need Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You need version JRE 1.5 (Java 5) or later version. If you dont have JRE installed on your system, download and install the latest version of Java Runtime Environment.

To run MaltParser type the following at the command line prompt (it is important that you are in the malt-1.4.1 directory):

prompt> java -jar malt.jar 
If MaltParser displays something like the message below, the distribution has been installed successfully.
                          MaltParser 1.4.1
         MALT (Models and Algorithms for Language Technology) Group
             Vaxjo University and Uppsala University

   java -jar malt.jar -f <path to option file> <options>
   java -jar malt.jar -h for more help and options

help                  (  -h) : Show options
option_file           (  -f) : Path to option file
verbosity            *(  -v) : Verbosity level
  debug      - Logging of debugging messages
  error      - Logging of error events
  fatal      - Logging of very severe error events
  info       - Logging of informational messages
  off        - Logging turned off
  warn       - Logging of harmful situations

Documentation: docs/index.html

Building MaltParser

MaltParser is distributed both in binary form and with all source code and documentation. If you only want to use MaltParser as a parser you only need to install the distribution (follow the installation guidelines above), but if you need to build the system you should follow these guidelines. To be able to build MaltParser you need Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 6 and Apache Ant 1.7.0. If you dont have these tools please download and install them by following the instructions on their web sites.

To build the MaltParser distribution:

prompt> cd <path to malt-1.4.1 directory>
prompt> ant dist
<path to malt-1.4.1 directory> should be replaced by the actual path to the directory where malt-1.4.1 is installed.