MaltParser 1.4.1

Uses of Class

Packages that use OptionManager
org.maltparser.core.helper Provides classes of various kinds that not fit into another package. 
org.maltparser.core.options Classes for management of all options used in the application and its plugins. 
org.maltparser.parser The top package for Single Malt Parser. 

Uses of OptionManager in org.maltparser.core.helper

Methods in org.maltparser.core.helper with parameters of type OptionManager
static void Malt04.loadAllMalt04Tagset(OptionManager om, int containerIndex, SymbolTableHandler symbolTableHandler, org.apache.log4j.Logger logger)

Uses of OptionManager in org.maltparser.core.options

Methods in org.maltparser.core.options that return OptionManager
static OptionManager OptionManager.instance()
          Returns a reference to the single instance.

Uses of OptionManager in org.maltparser.parser

Methods in org.maltparser.parser that return OptionManager
 OptionManager SingleMalt.getOptionManager()

MaltParser 1.4.1

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