MaltParser 1.4.1

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Packages that use Element

Uses of Element in org.maltparser.core.syntaxgraph

Classes in org.maltparser.core.syntaxgraph that implement Element
 class GraphElement

Methods in org.maltparser.core.syntaxgraph with parameters of type Element
 void LabeledStructure.addLabel(Element element, String tableName, String label)
          Adds a label label to the graph element element
 void SyntaxGraph.addLabel(Element element, String labelFunction, String label)
 void MappablePhraseStructureGraph.addLabel(Element element, String labelFunction, String label)

Uses of Element in org.maltparser.core.syntaxgraph.edge

Subinterfaces of Element in org.maltparser.core.syntaxgraph.edge
 interface Edge

Classes in org.maltparser.core.syntaxgraph.edge that implement Element
 class GraphEdge
 class WeightedEdge

Uses of Element in org.maltparser.core.syntaxgraph.node

Subinterfaces of Element in org.maltparser.core.syntaxgraph.node
 interface ComparableNode
 interface DependencyNode
 interface Node
 interface NonTerminalNode
 interface PhraseStructureNode
 interface TerminalNode
 interface TokenNode

Classes in org.maltparser.core.syntaxgraph.node that implement Element
 class GraphNode
 class NonTerminal
 class Root
 class Token

MaltParser 1.4.1

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