MaltParser 1.4.1

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Guide
org.maltparser.parser The top package for Single Malt Parser. 
org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.covington Implements the Covington deterministic parsing algorithms. 
org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.nivre Implements the Nivre deterministic parsing algorithms. 
org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.stack Implements the Stack parsing algorithms. 
org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.twoplanar Contains classes that implements the guide, which can be seen as an interface (or glue) between the parsing algorithm and the learner. 

Uses of Guide in org.maltparser.parser

Classes in org.maltparser.parser that implement Guide
 class Oracle

Uses of Guide in org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.covington

Classes in org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.covington that implement Guide
 class CovingtonOracle

Uses of Guide in org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.nivre

Classes in org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.nivre that implement Guide
 class ArcEagerOracle
 class ArcStandardOracle

Uses of Guide in org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.planar

Classes in org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.planar that implement Guide
 class PlanarArcEagerOracle

Uses of Guide in org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.stack

Classes in org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.stack that implement Guide
 class ProjectiveOracle
 class SwapEagerOracle
 class SwapLazyOracle

Uses of Guide in org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.twoplanar

Classes in org.maltparser.parser.algorithm.twoplanar that implement Guide
 class TwoPlanarArcEagerOracle

Uses of Guide in

Subinterfaces of Guide in
 interface ClassifierGuide
 interface OracleGuide

Classes in that implement Guide
 class SingleGuide
          The guide is used by a parsing algorithm to predict the next parser action during parsing and to add a instance to the training instance set during learning.

MaltParser 1.4.1

Copyright 2007-2010 Johan Hall, Jens Nilsson and Joakim Nivre.