=head1 NAME HTML::ListScraper::Tag - sequence item found by L =head1 METHODS All documented methods are simple accessors, taking no arguments and leaving the C object unchanged. =head2 name Tag name. L extends the L convention of naming tags in lowercase: closing tags are identified by a prepended '/'. After that, the name itself consists of ASCII letters and numbers. In case your input veers rather far from HTML, tags can also contain '-' and ':', but no more exotic characters. Empty name is not allowed. Angle brackets are not part of the name - if you need them, you can always add them when formatting C output. =head2 index Tag position (zero-based). =head2 link Value of the C attribute, if the parsed tag had a C attribute (with non-empty value). Otherwise, C. =head2 text Text following the tag, if any. Note that even closing tags can have associated text, although in well-formed HTML, that text really belongs under some previous opening tag.