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MBNA Gold Card

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Your Outstanding Balance
as of 27 February 2011 18:12
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Previous Outstanding Balance   click for definition 
			Your Previous Outstanding Balance is the amount of credit pending repayment
			as of your last statement date. Your Current Outstanding balance is the total
			of this balance, plus any new charges made or interest/fees charged during 
			your next statement month, but less any payments received.
(Pending transactions)   click for definition 
			Pending Transactions are transactions that have not yet been processed,
			but for which funds from your credit limit have been set aside to cover.
			When the transaction is approved, the pending amount is replaced by an
			actual charge. If the pending transaction is cancelled, it is removed
			from your account approximately 14 days after it was authorised.
Total Minimum Payment Due
Payment to be received by
17 Mar 2011
Last Payment Received
€2,200.00 on 07/02/2011
Available for Cash & Purchases
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