package Template::ShowStartStop; use 5.006; use strict; use warnings; BEGIN { our $VERSION = '1.0.1'; # VERSION } use SUPER; use parent 'Template::Context'; sub process { my ( $self, $template ) = @_; my $template_id # conditional # set $template to = ref($template) eq 'Template::Document' ? $template->name : ref($template) eq 'ARRAY' ? join( ' + ', @{$template} ) : ref($template) eq 'SCALAR' ? '(evaluated block)' : $template ; my $processed_data = super; return my $output = "\n" . "$processed_data" . "\n" ; }; no SUPER; 1; # ABSTRACT: Display where templates start and stop __END__ =pod =head1 NAME Template::ShowStartStop - Display where templates start and stop =head1 VERSION version 1.0.1 =head1 SYNOPSIS use Template::ShowStartStop; my $tt = Template->new({ CONTEXT => Template::ShowStartStop->new }); =head1 DESCRIPTION Template::ShowStartStop provides inline comments throughout your code where each template stops and starts. It's an overridden version of L that wraps the C method. Using Template::ShowStartStop is simple. Now when you process templates, HTML comments will get embedded in your output, which you can easily grep for. The nesting level is also shown. ... ... =head1 BUGS Please report any bugs or feature requests on L as I'm not fond of RT. =head1 SUBMITTING PATCHES Please read the SubmittingPatches file included with this Distribution. Patches that are of sufficient quality, within the goals of the project and pass the checklist will probably be accepted. =head1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Thanks to Andy Lester, Randal Schwartz, Bill Moseley, and to Gavin Estey for the original Template::Timer code that this is based on. =head1 AUTHOR Caleb Cushing =head1 COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE This software is Copyright (c) 2011 by Caleb Cushing. This is free software, licensed under: The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible) =cut