Time and the Arts

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Data on recordings of "Save That Time," Russ Long, Serrob Publishing, BMI:

ArtistKarrin Allyson
CDI Didn't Know About You
Copyright Date1993
LabelConcord Jazz, Inc.
Track Time3:44
PersonnelKarrin Allyson, vocal; Russ Long, piano; Gerald Spaits, bass; Todd Strait, drums
NotesCD notes "additional lyric by Karrin Allyson; arranged by Russ Long and Karrin Allyson"
ADO Rating1 star
AMG Rating4 stars
Penguin Rating3.5 stars
ArtistKevin Mahogany
CDDouble Rainbow
Copyright Date1993
LabelEnja Records
IDENJ-7097 2
Track Time6:27
PersonnelKevin Mahogany, vocal; Kenny Barron, piano; Ray Drummond, bass; Ralph Moore, tenor saxophone; Lewis Nash, drums
ADO Rating1.5 stars
AMG Rating3 stars
Penguin Rating3 stars
ArtistJoe Williams
CDHere's to Life
Copyright Date1994
LabelTelarc International Corporation
Track Time3:58
PersonnelJoe Williams, vocal The Robert Farnon [39 piece] Orchestra
NotesThis CD is also available as part of a 3-CD package from Telarc, "Triple Play" (CD-83461)
ADO Ratingblack dot
AMG Rating2 stars
Penguin Rating3 stars
ArtistCharles Fambrough
CDKeeper of the Spirit
Copyright Date1995
LabelAudioQuest Music
Track Time7:07
PersonnelCharles Fambrough, bass; Joel Levine, tenor recorder; Edward Simon, piano; Lenny White, drums; Marion Simon, percussion
NotesOn-line information and samples available at http://wwmusic.com/~music/audioq/rel/1033.html
ADO Rating2 stars
AMG Ratingunrated
Penguin Rating3 stars

Also of note:

ArtistHolly Cole Trio
CDBlame It On My Youth
Copyright Date1992
IDCDP 7 97349 2
Total Time37:45
PersonnelHolly Cole, voice; Aaron Davis, piano; David Piltch, string bass
NotesLyrical reference to "Eastern Standard Time" in Tom Waits' "Purple Avenue"
ADO Rating2.5 stars
AMG Rating3 stars
Penguin Ratingunrated
ArtistMilt Hinton
CDOld Man Time
Copyright Date1990
IDCR(D) 310
Total Time149:38 (two CDs)
PersonnelMilt Hinton, bass; Doc Cheatham, Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, trumpet; Al Grey, trombone; Eddie Barefield, Joe Camel (Flip Phillips), Buddy Tate, clarinet and saxophone; John Bunch, Red Richards, Norman Simmons, Derek Smith, Ralph Sutton, piano; Danny Barker, Al Casey, guitar; Gus Johnson, Gerryck King, Bob Rosengarden, Jackie Williams, drums; Lionel Hampton, vibraphone; Cab Calloway, Joe Williams, vocal; Buck Clayton, arrangements
Notestunes include Old Man Time, Time After Time, Sometimes I'm Happy, A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight, Four or Five Times, Now's the Time, Time on My Hands, This Time It's Us, and Good Time Charlie On-line samples available at http://www.chiaroscurojazz.com/albuminfo.php3?albumid=49
ADO Rating3 stars
AMG Rating4.5 stars
Penguin Rating3 stars
ArtistAlan Broadbent
CDPacific Standard Time
Copyright Date1995
LabelConcord Jazz, Inc.
Total Time62:42
PersonnelAlan Broadbent, piano; Putter Smith, Bass; Frank Gibson, Jr., drums
NotesThe CD cover features an analemma for equation-of-time fans
ADO Rating1 star
AMG Rating4 stars
Penguin Rating3.5 stars
ArtistAnthony Braxton/Richard Teitelbaum
CDSilence/Time Zones
Copyright Date1996
LabelBlack Lion
IDBLCD 760221
Total Time72:58
PersonnelAnthony Braxton, sopranino and alto saxophones, contrebasse clarinet, miscellaneous instruments; Leo Smith, trumpet and miscellaneous instruments; Leroy Jenkins, violin and miscellaneous instruments; Richard Teitelbaum, modular moog and micromoog synthesizer
ADO Ratingblack dot
AMG Ratingunrated
ArtistCharles Gayle
CDTime Zones
Copyright Date2006
LabelTompkins Square
Total Time49:06
PersonnelCharles Gayle, piano
ADO Rating1 star
AMG Rating4.5 stars
ArtistThe Get Up Kids
Copyright Date2001
Total Time65:12
NotesIncludes the song "Central Standard Time." Thanks to Colin Bowern for this information.
AMG Rating2.5 stars
Copyright Date2003
LabelCapitol Records
Total Time4:13
NotesWon the 2004 Record of the Year honor at the Grammy Awards. Co-written and performed by Chris Martin, great-great-grandson of DST inventor William Willett. The song's first line is "Lights go out and I can't be saved".
ArtistIrving Kahal and Harry Richman
SongThere Ought to be a Moonlight Saving Time
Copyright Date1931
NotesThis musical standard was a #1 hit for Guy Lombardo in 1931, and was also performed by Maurice Chevalier, Blossom Dearie and many others. The phrase "Moonlight saving time" also appears in the 1995 country song "Not Enough Hours in the Night" written by Aaron Barker, Kim Williams and Rob Harbin and performed by Doug Supernaw.
ArtistThe Microscopic Septet
CDLobster Leaps In
Copyright Date2008
Total Time73:05
NotesIncludes the song "Twilight Time Zone."
AMG Rating3.5 stars
ADO Rating2 stars
ArtistBob Dylan
CDThe Time They Are A-Changin'
Copyright Date1964
Total Time45:36
AMG Rating4.5 stars
ADO Rating1.5 stars
NotesThe title song is also available on "Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits" and "The Essential Bob Dylan."
ArtistLuciana Souza
Copyright Date2009
LabelUniversal Jazz France
Total Time42:31
AMG Rating3.5 stars
ADO Rating2.5 stars
NotesIncludes the song "Fire and Wood" with the lyric "The clocks were turned back you remeber/Think it's still November."
ArtistKen Nordine
CDYou're Getting Better: The Word Jazz Dot Masters
Copyright Date2005
Total Time156:22
ADO Rating1 star
AMG Rating4.5 stars
NotesIncludes the piece "What Time Is It" ("He knew what time it was everywhere...that counted").
TV episode titleThe Lost Hour
TV seriesEerie, Indiana
TV episode number10
Air date1991-12-01
NotesDespite Indiana's then-lack of DST, Marshall changes his clock with unusual consequences.
TV episode titleTime Tunnel
TV seriesThe Adventures of Pete & Pete
TV episode number5, season 2
Air date1994-10-23
NotesThe two Petes travel back in time an hour on the day that DST ends.
TV episode titleKing-Size Homer
TV seriesThe Simpsons
TV episode number135
Air date1995-11-05
NotesHomer, working from home, remarks "8:58, first time I've ever been early for work. Except for all those daylight savings days. Lousy farmers."
ArtistJules Verne
BookLe Tour du Monde en Quatre-Vingts Jours (Around the World in Eighty Days)
NotesWall-clock time plays a central role in the plot. European readers of the 1870s clearly held the U.S. press in deep contempt; the protagonists cross the U.S. without once reading a paper. An on-line French-language version of the book "with illustrations from the original 1873 French-language edition" is available at http://fourmilab.ch/etexts/www/tdm80j An on-line English-language translation of the book is available at http://www.literature.org/Works/Jules-Verne/eighty
ArtistUmberto Eco
BookThe Island of the Day Before (L'isola del giorno prima)
Copyright Date1994
Notes "...the story of a 17th century Italian nobleman trapped near an island on the International Date Line. Time and time zones play an integral part in the novel." (Paul Eggert, 2006-04-22)
ArtistDavid Jebb
Book The Thirteenth Time Zone
Notes "It's fiction, but it's based on his experiences and travels." (Paul Eggert, 2006-04-22)
ArtistJohn Dunning
BookTwo O'Clock, Eastern Wartime
Copyright Date2001
Notes Mystery, history, daylight saving time, and old-time radio.
FilmBell Science - About Time
NotesThe Frank Baxter/Richard Deacon extravaganza. Information is available at http://www.videoflicks.com/titles/1035/1035893.htm